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  • Comparison tables between AWS Redshift and Athena and Azure Synapse Analytics

    Criterion Amazon Redshift Amazon Athena Azure Synapse Analytics Data Storage Uses its own cluster storage. Ideal for large, stable datasets. Queries data directly from Amazon S3. Suitable for a wide range of file sizes and formats. Utilizes Azure Data Lake Storage and other storage options for large-scale data analytics. Performance Optimized for complex queries over…

  • How to resize partition type xfs

    I show example about resize xfs partition in Linux VM (OpenStack) you can use command step follow me 1. Extend disk vm PowerOff and PowerOn 2. Check status your storage use “lsblk” and “df -h” 3. Unmount the filesystem use command “umont /dev/vdb” 4. Going back to the parted utility you can see the state…

  • How to move database directory for mariadb

    # Create new directory for MySQL data mkdir /new/dir/for/mysql # Set ownership of new directory to match existing one chown –reference=/var/lib/mysql /new/dir/for/mysql # Set permissions on new directory to match existing one chmod –reference=/var/lib/mysql /new/dir/for/mysql # Stop MySQL before copying over files service mysql stop # Copy all files in default directory, to new one,…

  • Setup client windows update to WSUS server

    setup client windows update to WSUS server 1. Press windows + “r” and add gpedit.msc in text box 2. Go to Administrative Templates >> Windows components >> Windows Update >> Specify intranet Microsoft update service location 3. Select Enabled and add http://Address:8530 follow in Picture 4. Test Windows update

  • How to login single user mode in ubuntu

    How to login single user mode in Ubuntu 1. Go to GRUB screen and pass “e” key 2. See ro change to rw init=/bin/bash and Pass Ctrl-x to boot 3.  Mission completed

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