How to resize partition type xfs

I show example about resize xfs partition in Linux VM (OpenStack)

you can use command step follow me

1. Extend disk vm PowerOff and PowerOn

2. Check status your storage use “lsblk” and “df -h”

3. Unmount the filesystem use command “umont /dev/vdb”

4. Going back to the parted utility you can see the state of current state of the disk I set unit to GB get the partition 1 and move its end all the way to 20GB use commnad “parted -a optimal /dev/vdb” and “print”

      • use “unit GB”
      • resizepart 1 20
      • quit

5. You mount disk to partition for use command “xfs_growfs -d /dev/vdb”

6. Resize xfs type step completed your can use “df -Th” to verify detail partition






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