is me

Hello, my name is Liwsaki. I have the ability and experience to design, build, and deploy infrastructure, mainly using OpenStack and other open-source technologies, to build services that control clusters and enable monitoring. I have had the opportunity to lead a team of network engineers for data centers, serving a public cloud with 50+ compute nodes. Additionally, I maintain Ceph Storage with 1 PB to serve customers.

I have also had the opportunity to join a project for the civil service exam registration, where I built the infrastructure for a web application that can handle 800K concurrent users. I used nginx to build a load balancer with rate limiting, and I utilized keepalived to deploy the VIP. Furthermore, I tuned the kernel for maximum performance and created scripts to build virtual machines from OpenStack for scaling web service nodes. I employed zabbix for monitoring and gaining an overview of the infrastructure. During the project execution, I formed a system engineer team to handle operations. I am proud to say that the project has been running smoothly, and for the first time, the site hasn’t crashed in its first year.